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Mechanical Engagement Ring Box

So the story on goes like this;

1. On the outside, Reddit user curtisabrina's creation appears to be a simple jewelry box:
2. Open the lid, and you’ll find a typical - albeit lovely - jewelry tray:
3. Those two brass heart keys fit together to form a single key, which Curtis gave to his sweetie a full seven monthsbefore giving her this jewelry box to propose. (Talk about a long-term planner!)
Now, the real magic starts when you lift up the jewelry tray. 
Hidden underneath:
Curtis designed and machined every piece of this himself, by the way, estimating he spent over 200 hours on the box’s creation.
So, where’s the actual engagement ring box? Well, insert the double heart key:
5. Give it a twist, and the iris on the left opens…
…revealing yet another custom box with a heart insert and laser engraving. 
Oh, and the engagement ring. ;)
Simply amazing.
More pics at Curtis’ Imgur gallery.


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